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Yes, I am a Fucking Lesbian

Yes, I am a Fucking Lesbian

Dinah Shore: The Largest Girl Party Music Festival in the World


The original Dinah began in 1991 by Mariah Hanson when she booked the event at the Palm Springs Modern Art Museum. Women drank martinis while surrounded with millions of dollars in art. The idea of creating a lesbian world within Palm Springs took off and has continued to this day, often featuring guests like Tegan and Sara, Salt ‘N Pepa, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. These days, the party stays poolside during the day while DJ’s perform. As the sun goes down the party people move to music venues where drinks flow and live performances steal the night.

Getting There

So let's just say I never imagined myself at such an event (and even poked fun) until I went myself. A friend of mine and her wife organized most of the details (against my better judgement) but it turned out to be quite an amazing time.

We flew out from Chicago early Thursday morning and landed in Los Angeles. Although Palm Springs has a local airport it was much cheaper to fly into L.A. and make the two hour drive with a rental, so that was that.

Day 1

Once we arrived, we settled in to the Hilton Palm Springs, checking in with the event coordinator to get our wristbands. We chose the Hilton because they host the Dinah pool parties and figured what better way to enjoy the pool than to be as close as possible. That way we could run up to the room to grab a quick cocktail or freshen up. It turned out to be a perfect plan.


Before the rental car was due we picked up some snacks and drinks at a local grocery store, then we began to explore the hotel and downtown area. To m y surprise, Palm Springs was such a cute town. Everyone was friendly and full of positive energy. The sunny skies and warm weather sure didn't hurt either. 

In the evening, an opening party was hosted at a local bar called Zelda's. We picked up our ticket package beforehand which included entrance to all events and no lines, cost of $200. The evening was so much fun, full of amazing DJ’s, special performances, new faces and countless drinks. My personal favorite was the performance by the super talented Butterscotch.

There was so much excitement in the air. It was really something special to be a part of a group so open and free. I saw lots of familiar faces and even bumped into a friend from Chicago.


Everyone danced late into the night and eventually made the trip back to the hotel to pass out. Talk about a great way to start the weekend.

Day 2

The following morning, the girls and I went for breakfast after picking a spot by the pool. We returned poolside for the rest of the afternoon, indulging in the sunny skies, beautiful women and loud music. Water stations were set up alongside the pool, as were booths selling cocktails. I’d recommend giving your bartender a hefty tip to ensure a nice pour.

Just outside the pool grounds tons of vendors set up booths to sell products and bring awareness to so many issues facing the LGBTQ community. Wandering around, I made a bunch of new friends including, Lily, a photographer who was there shooting the event. Talk about an amazing gig. She took a few photos of me and my t-shirt by The Kindly Offensive.


After the pool party, we ventured into town for something to eat and reflected on our first day. I can't say I've ever had so much fun. Good thing it happens all over again tomorrow.

After dinner, we went over to the Hard Rock Hotel for the evening's White Party. There were several spaces set up for guests and downstairs in the main hall live performances were the highlight of the night.


Day 3

Saturday morning we were off to the pool again. We spent the day tanning our bodies and listening to the incredible DJ’s. It was so entertaining to sit back and enjoy the crowd. I've always been a people watcher but this was a whole other level, beautiful happy people everywhere.

What shocked me most was the diversity. Every kind of girl you could possibly imagine was there at Dinah, all for the same reasons: inclusion, support, fun, community. It made me feel a sense of belonging I've never felt before. #mypeople


After pool time we went out to grab a bite and rest up for the evening. 


That evening was the main event, the Black Party. Once again, great music and live performances filled the night. We roamed the party making new friends and danced late into the night.  


Day 4

The following morning was Dinah's final pool party at the Hilton, the Wet and Wild Pool Party. Of course it didn't disappoint. We got in our last days worth of sun and felt more at home than ever. Over the past few days we had gotten used to the routine and made countless new friends. 


The girls left the pool early while I stayed on. I couldn't get enough of the warm weather and positive vibes. After a recharge (nap time) we went out for dinner at The Tropicale. The food was delicious and the patio outside was magical. 

Zelda's was hosting the final night and Closing Party. We went out for a short time but felt pretty spent after so many days of sun and drinks. We called it an early night.

Day 5

Monday morning we packed up our belongings and began the journey home, picking up our rental car and driving to L.A.X. It was time to get back to the real world and the bitter cold of Chicago.

I'll have to admit, I thought this weekend would be full of drama and raunchy behavior but it was such a surprise to meet so many phenomenal girls. It just goes to show that even when you think you’re alone, there are others out there going through the same thing. The energy surrounding the event was nothing but positive and I loved every minute of it.

Dinah 2018, here I come.

Main pic photo credit: nbdysbaby_

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