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Thirty Something Never Felt So Good

Thirty Something Never Felt So Good

Watching Documentaries on GMO's & Reading Books on Tidying Up

In a few short weeks I turn 36. I never imagined I'd be turning the corner into my late thirties. By this age my mom had four kids and another one on the way. That kind of responsibility is incomprehensible. Nowadays, people seem more selfish or more cautious or maybe both, myself included. After seeing the devastation my parents’ divorce had on my family, it's certainly not something I'd like to go through.

Instead, my thirties have been a turning point in my life, wild, wonderful and carefree. I finished up teaching English overseas in South Korea and moved to Chicago to earn a Master's Degree. I became an aunt, twice. But most of all, I've taken the time to care for myself. I've learned what works for me and what doesn't, and honestly I don't have time for the latter. 

Recently, I’ve been Netflixing stand-up comedians - Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, among others. One described your thirties as a time when you start doing strange things like watching documentaries on GMO's and reading books like, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" (totally guilty of both, you should see my drawers). I’ve learned to lighten up on myself and really focus on what matters.

For me, my thirties have helped me see how precious life is, that I don't have time to feel like shit about myself or waste on others who are negative influences. I've worked really hard to manage my daily life and expectations. I'm hard on myself. I do what I love. I eat well. I exercise often. I get my sleep. I take care of myself.  

This year I’ve decided that all my future birthdays will be spent in far off places. Exploring the unknown truly sets my soul on fire (and who doesn't need more of that). Plus, it'll be such a relief not to have any expectations for the day. This year, I planned a trip to Cuba but with damage from Hurricane Irma I've rescheduled to Ireland (my journey begins in Dublin). 

See you soon! XO



Viva Colombia!

Viva Colombia!